The Moxness Quality

Moxness - Precision Silicone Rubber Products.

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Moxness Quality Policy
We at Moxness are committed to continual improvement of our Business Management System. Our goal is to deliver products which meet or exceed all requirements while growing our company.

Commitment to Customers
As part of a certified quality management system, Moxness ensures that high quality standards are upheld throughout the supply chain, production, and lastly, into our finished products.
• All incoming raw materials and inserts are closely monitored and inspected.
• Our fully-equipped quality lab performs functional testing and in-process measurements.
• Data from in-process measurements is analyzed using the correct SPC methods and analytical software.
• Our quality practices allow Moxness to provide strict adherence to technical, dimensional, and cosmetic specifications.
• Product traceability is maintained through control of production records, as well as batch- and lot-control from incoming and outgoing materials and products.

The Moxness quality team is dedicated to using the latest in problem-solving techniques to guarantee unwavering output throughout the life of the product. With the capabilities of a leading Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) injection company to fulfill your molding demands, and a history of high quality standards that ensure premium products, Moxness has the formula for success to meet and exceed your molded part needs.

Quality Certificates
Moxness maintains a certified Quality Management System with respect to the Aerospace Standard AS9100 which incorporates ISO9001 into the certificate. Certification to AS9100 was achieved in 2015; Moxness has been at least ISO9001 certified since 1997.

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