Moxness In-house Testing

Moxness - Precision Silicone Rubber Products.

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Moxness Laboratory
Moxness is 100 percent committed to the quality of your product, so it’s our priority to invest in the newest and most advanced testing and quality control-equipment. The Moxness team continually provides streamlined production, superior service, and a quality product. You can count on Moxness to accurately provide all our quality documentation. At Moxness, we constantly strive to improve our processes throughout our organization, while focusing on customer satisfaction.

The Moxness quality team monitors the input of raw materials, and the Moxness in-house lab performs and verifies characteristics such as durometer, tensile, elongation, tear, specific gravity, rheometer, and more. Moxness testing ensures a consistent level of quality and precision in all our silicone rubber products.

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