Moxness History

Moxness - Precision Silicone Rubber Products.

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Moxness started as a Tool and Die Company in 1927
Moxness originally started as a Tool and Die company until silicone was developed in the late 1940s. The term "silicone" is actually a misnomer. The suffix -one is used by chemists to denote a substance with a double-bonded atom of oxygen in its backbone. When first discovered, silicone was erroneously believed to have oxygen atoms bonded in this way. In fact, silicone is an inorganic polymer, and the technically correct term for the various silicone rubbers is polysiloxanes or polydimethylsiloxanes.

In 1950, Moxness Silicone Rubber Parts incorporated and quickly became a world leader in the manufacturing of silicone rubber products. Throughout the next 50-plus years, Moxness grew and sold off parts of the company, but kept the core silicone rubber molding business intact. The Thistle Group purchased Moxness in 2003 and continues to research, invest and expand the manufacturing of liquid silicone rubber products into future.

Today, Moxness offers world class operating and quality systems for their customers and product needs. The Moxness team takes pride in its diversified customer base and its ability to respond to the ever-changing market demands. We look forward to turning your ideas into silicone rubber reality.